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Cadlay Designs is on Hand to Ease the Impact of Global Cost Increases

You only need to glance at a newspaper or turn on the news for a few minutes to be exposed to coverage about the financial difficulties facing those in the UK and in other countries across the world. From households to global corporations, everybody is feeling the effects in some way or another.

Unfortunately, our industry is no different and we are seeing PCB costs driven up due to a number of different factors. The war in Ukraine, rising global inflation and increased shipping costs are amongst the issues which are causing things to become more expensive for those throughout the electronic engineering industry and beyond.

At Cadlay Designs we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure our clients aren’t paying any more than they have to. With 30 years of experience in printed circuit board design services and component acquisition we have an intimate understanding of the industry. This knowledge gives us an advantage when it comes to securing favourable deals and mitigating the costs as far as possible, allowing us to pass the savings on to our clients in these difficult times.

For reliable and high-quality PCB design and electronic engineering services at competitive prices, Cadlay Designs is the solution. With a dedication to reducing costs and delivering results that achieve complete customer satisfaction, our team is on hand to meet all of your requirements.

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